The goal of data analytics services is providing transparent information to facilitate operational, quality and cost saving long-term strategic decisions

Information & Data Challenges
Departmental reporting not only needs to be easily accessible for senior management and staff at multiple levels. Additionally, it needs to offer the flexibility to be tailored based on specific criteria:

  • Multiple data sources create information silos
  • Partial view (i.e. costs hitting other departments, interdepartmental transfers, etc.)
  • Inability to see real-time data; decisions made after the fact
  • Limited resources and time
  • Transparency into vendor/ supplier costs
  • Tracking quality and compliance indicators
  • Customization capabilities to meet consistency and standardization goals

JBH's Solutions
To help our client partners achieve their goals, JBH develops customized tools to help our clients streamline the process of data consolidation which are crucial to success!
  • Work with stakeholders to determine key inputs, drivers and data sources
  • Determine the key metrics needed to assist with decision making
  • Look at the whole picture - individual facility information as well as system-wide information, to understand best practices and to benchmark
  • Create individualized discipline specific data solutions

Examples of Data Solutions
Real-time complete data
Consolidation of information
System-wide metrics
Historically based projections

Data Solution Advantages
JBH’s Data Tools will help our clients drastically reduce the cumbersome and time consuming task of data reporting and consolidation and help you to have the information needed to make decisions to manage the resources that matter the most to the organization. Time, Labor and Money!
  • JBH provides the client team with an external analytical arm — we work with you to create the inputs required to gain solutions that fit your needs
  • Customized and adaptable - created with the ability to evolve over time as new and differing needs arise