The restaurant industry is facing unique and unparalleled challenges as a new generation of buyers, the millennials, flood the marketplace, consumer demand for locally sourced and sustainable products increase, and rising food & labor costs further squeeze operating margins.

JBH Restaurant Services is a team of experienced professionals with in-depth financial, operational and culinary experience. Our team has worked for industry leaders such as Carlson Restaurants, YUM Brands, Starwood Hotels and Resorts and the Hillstone Restaurant Group, to name a few.

Our team improves and supports existing businesses through a focused operational review of current practices and development of a strategic business plan. This plan may include a market and demographic analysis followed by the development of a sales and marketing plan. Our culinary team assists with recipe review and development, menu engineering and a purchasing/inventory management plan.

We further support restaurateurs and retail brand owners with concept development, start-up planning and processes, and training.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific business needs and how our team of seasoned professionals can assist you in improving quality and increasing operating profits.

Restaurant Services

JBH Restaurant Services